HSC Surveillance Information:
  • HSC Surveillance is happy that the State of Colorado has re-vamped their medical marijuana regulations and the new regulations make it much easier to operate and design systems that meet the needs rather than designing a system around just trying to be compliant.
  • We have added another new HD camera technology to our line and are starting to see the interest level rise. The future of video security is low cost, high output systems that achieve evidentiary quality footage.​ Evidence is Everything!
Our new video surveillance systems were specifically selected to be cost effective and compliant. We have the answer for any size facility. more
HSCS and MJ Industry Info:
  • HSC Surveillance is a proud member of the Green Rush Alliance (GRA). The Alliance is moving forward and is utilizing our financial depository and insurance services to help get us in the door at more and more dispensaries, grow operations and infused products facilities. The GRA has just completed it's business plan and is submitting to the proper lenders. HSC Surveillance will benefit greatly as GRA gets funded in that we will get more security jobs based on the GRA seminar tour that is being planned now for later this year.
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