HSC Surveillance Information:
  • HSC Surveillance will be attending some local security and MJ shows here in California to promote our services to the industry. Even though California is a difficult place to operate as far as MJ goes, it has some major players with technology developing and advancing. We have specific knowledge of the industry that allows us to work at many levels with these organizations.  
  • Since we have written complete security plans for Nevada, we have a leg up on our competition going into preparation for submittals in other states. These are fully detailed plans
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Security and Surveillance Solutions
  • We have been working behind the scenes with some MJ facilities in an effort to learn more about the specific security needs that these facilities are still identifying as they expand and go forward.
  • HSC Surveillance spent two weeks in Nevada in a proposal preparation facility in order to write, format, and assemble 7 complete license packages for potential MMJ license holders. We were able to write security plans as well as complete operational security plans for the 3 types of facilities (MIP, Dispensary, Cultivation). We know in November.