HSC Surveillance Information:
  • Our system knowledge is being tested with the advent of some of the new technologies finding their way into the marketplace. We carry what we believe are the next generations of CCTV video security with the new HD-CVI and 960H technologies. These systems are starting to establish themselves and are more widely accepted across the Industry. We saw the trend forming a while back and have been selling systems to meet the new demands.
  • We will be working hard in California  in the coming weeks and will be attending some big MMJ shows.
Our new video surveillance systems were specifically selected to be cost effective and compliant. We have the answer for any size facility. more
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Security and Surveillance Solutions
  • HSC Surveillance spent the last two weeks in Nevada in a proposal preparation facility in order to write, format, and assemble 7 complete license packages for potential MMJ license holders. We were able to write security plans as well as complete operational security plans for the 3 types of facilities (MIP, Dispensary, Cultivation). The outcome will be known in November.
  • We also completed a comprehensive cultivation/grow facility operations plan which we created from scratch based on our overall knowledge of how these facilities operate.