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HSC Surveillance Information: 
​HSCS is making daily progress towards establishing ourselves as the #1 MJ Security organization in the country. We are now integrating (via GRA) with a software product that will change the way MJ facilities are operated. It includes top to bottom management of all aspects of the operation from one "Command" computer. The software will control video, access control and alarm feeds as well as full control of lighting, temperature, and RFID feeds. Basically every aspect of the operation will be accessible and controlled easily. Set schedules and manage your operation more effectively which puts money in your pocket!
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EMAIL US AT: sales@hscsurveillance.com
Our on-line store is dedicated to security products of all types.
If you do not see it in the store, call us at 1-949-350-0163
Compliance is the key to longevity in the cannabis industry, and security is the key to compliance. Our new compliant systems were specifically selected with the cannabis industry in mind. 
Green Rush Alliance News:
The Green Rush Alliance GRA is moving forward in a big way and is becoming a force in the industry. There are many projects on the table at the moment for both Agriculture and MJ applications and many will include HSC Surveillance equipment. The power of the Alliance is cross promotion between the companies in an organized and professional approach.

The Alliance is growing quickly and is now accepting applications for Affilliate Memberships through the GRA website. Affilliate members will receive discounts, consultation support, and other services that the GRA provides to the industry.
HSC Surveillance-Who We Are:
HSCS/HSCC is a different breed of company as a whole. Most of our competition on either side of the coin (Security and MJ) are one dimensional in that they are either security or MJ driven and not both. HSCS/HSCC is expert in industrial security, hidden video, and MJ security and can handle any demand in any of those environments.  

HSCC and HSCS have always had to make our own way in this business. Everything we have gained has been earned from hard work and an understanding of the products and how they are best deployed which is our advantage in a nutshell. 
Watching The World So YOU DON'T HAVE TO
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